Increase your accuracy and astuteness by 50% by learning to recognize and practice just one thing...

Playground: Correct (Supervised) Practice Causes Mastery. Practicing On Your Own Often Means Practicing The Wrong Way.

Permanently and reliably Remove The Filter That Causes You To Be Miserable, Unsuccessful, Sick, And Dumb Most of the Time

Playground: it is never too late to have a happy childhood

What if you could go back in time and set history right, like in the movie Back To The Future... so you can alter your present and your future?

From: Sophie Benshitta Maven

Date: Friday, January 27, 2023

It works like magic, although there is no magic in it,

  • no thought shifting,
  • no mind shifting,
  • no belief shifting,
  • no changing the subconscious, no removing blockages
  • and no other hokey stuff

No magic, although it feels magical, with magical results


It is more like removing a set of filters, like sunglasses from your eyes, so you, for the first time in your personal history, can see clearly, you can see what happened that you ended up the way you are.

When you truly see it, and learn how to see always this new way, you cannot return to how you have been being, cannot return to weakness, or meakness, or perpetually angry feeling like a victim... unless you really really want to.

The program is simple. Simple doesn't mean easy. Simple doesn't mean fast. So if you expect instant results... please don't buy it.

I have my head out of the basement

The exercise looking in the mirror and "seeing" yourself has been paying dividends. I have experienced a real shift of non judgement and experiencing people and myself through a completely different lens which has been completely freeing and also see some movement on the soul correction of how I experience "being slighted" I feel I have my head out of the basement a little and things are altogether different more ease I like myself more I am not nailing myself to a cross for what I see as my failings in meeting new people... T from England

The One Ring That Calls Them All

The hard part of the program is the beginning: when you need to get The One Rule... that is like the One Ring: once you get that, it calls all the Rings of Power to home... and your transformation can begin.

But beware: this is not a program where I explain, you understand, and then you "know". No explanations. This is experiential learning, no mind stuff, you need to get it on the cellular level for it to work.

Some people will get their results in weeks. Most will have the results in months... and maybe years. I got a little important part of the results, for myself, just yesterday. And I created this probram 30 years ago.

Let me ask you: if you knew that if you gave a year of your life, and in that year you can count on your life to get better: would you do it? Or would you remain a seeker of instant this and instant that... producing exactly the kind of results you have been producing: nothing, or next to nothing?

It's OK with me however you choose. In fact, I am not really selling this program, because I am interested in people selling themselves. When you sell yourself, you also commit, to the degree that you are able to commit at this time.

  • By the end of the year you'll be able to commit to big and lofty stuff... no matter where you are right now.
  • By the end of the year you'll experience your personal power on a whole new level. You'll be able to command yourself to do what you never thought you could do, accomplish stuff you never thought you could accomplish.

That is the magic in an experiential program: you change so subtly, so imperceptibly, that you will never know what hit you.

Here is what you get:

  • Each meeting is done on a webinar. You can participate with your desktop computer, or your mobile device with the gotowebinar app. You will have a chance to look at something that happened in your life and see if it actually happened or if it is a story that it happened... So far everyone if finding out that it is all story! All memes. All malleable.

  • Each meeting will have a different focus, and we'll cycle through a number of focuses, to touch on every aspect of your life. Money, brains, worthiness, generosity, who is important, relationships... I will announce the focus of the next session, so you can start looking at it, and allow the related memes to come up!

  • There are no questions, there is no teaching (or not much)... this is a total hands-on process, and the results will only show on the long run... so if you are not willing to invest time, you probably won't continue... it is still worth your while to come to one session, so you see what you are saying No to.

  • There will be a call once a month...

  • Calls will be recorded, so if you cannot make the call... you can listen to the call later.

    The calls will be on the second Saturday of the month at 4 pm, 9 pm in the UK, 10 pm in Continental Europe, Australia: 6 am, California: 1 pm... to accommodate most people. 4 pm New York Time. I'll try to make the calls only one hour ot 90 minutes long. No promises!

    How many sessions? As long as it takes. It depends on you... How much effort you are willing to invest in your own happiness.

    Bonus #1

    You get the recordings of all the sessions of the previous playgrounds... all in all over 30 hour long sessions.

    Bonus #2

    We'll also practice choosing...

    Bonus #3

    You will get an opportunity for a one-on one session, whenever i see it is most needed for you.

    Bonus #4

    I pair participants up to have opportunity to practice between session. The calls need to be recorded, and I'll listen to each recording to be able to give you feedback on how you are doing.

    The Playground is looking backwards to free your future up.

    Choosing is in the moment... right now... so you can be free now...

    NEW! Each group limited one gender: women and men have different world views, and I intend to accommodate it.

    So, if you are interested, please sign up now. Each group will have four to six students... email me if you have questions.

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