How this site works UPDATED

The 67 step coaching… the Reclaim done properly, brings Consciousness to every area of your life. The minimum length is 67 days, the ideal length is 18 months (or more) to allow Consciousness to take over the direction for your life…

You watch/listen to the step in the 67 steps, and answer the questions Tai asks for. (Your attitude will change… slowly but surely)

You put the questions and the answers in your own coaching thread on this site… and I read it. I probably will ask you to look more, or look deeper. Or comment, or guide, or say whatever I’ll say. The work gets done between you writing coherent thoughts, and my guidance.

Your tendency is to see only what you have always seen…

How do you start?

I have created a way for you to deal with only me…

You buy the program from me, and I go to Tai Lopez’s site in your stead and pay for it. It’s on the up and up… I’ll use your name and email to pay and register…

You pay $67 down and then pay $15 a week, and continue as long as you want.

I recommend nine months to a year minimum… or as long as it takes for you to do all the 67 steps three times. Yes, it will take that long to have you fully cooked.

Or you can get a lifetime deal for $700… if you prefer.

Here is the button to pay weekly: ask for the link…

Bonus: You get two free weeks on the Reclaim site… and, of course, the 67 step program is yours to keep, even if you quit.

Write to me if you want to be in this program.
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The coach’s job is to make you do things you don’t want to do, so you can get what you want to get.

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I have been in a special place where words are not…

whereof-one-cannot-speak-thereof-one-must-be-silent-quote-1I have been in a special place where words are not…

I remember in Landmark I heard “Whereof one cannot speak, thereof one must be silent.”~Wittgenstein

I had no idea what it meant… I felt it. I felt it solemn, I felt it exuberant, I felt it exhilarating, I felt it divine.

And then 20 years passed… lots of talking… words and more words.

And today I was transported back there…

I have been watching a lot of foreign movies, and pondering, almost wordlessly evil… I even wrote an article about it.

And then I found a quote… I followed it down the rabbit hole, listened to a lecture by Abraham Joshua Herschel… and I am in that space… where one must be silent…

Why “must”?
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lying-is-comfortableIt took quite a bit for me to learn that trying to outwardly act like a Buddha won’t make me a Buddha.

The above line is from one of my students.

Really smart guy, isn’t he?

And I bet you can see that the next step he would take after making this really smart statement is to start… start what?

You see, most of what sounds smart is not that smart. Most of what sounds smart is smoke screen, to hide something.
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