Creativity Meditation Binaural Beats for Artists & Writers (MP3 Download)

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Close Perfect for artists, writers, musicians or anyone who needs to jump-start…


Hayden Gold says:

Awesome my mind is finally clear thank you creating this inspiring creative amazing piece

Steven Richard says:

Thanks, hotep.

Jessica McConaha says:

Why? The 2 top comments I’m seeing are very inspiring! 🙂

Linda Harden says:

I just downloaded your beautiful music and must say, “I love it!” It’s a godsend for my writing. Thank you so much!!!

theaddreport says:

I’m a writer and it helped me write a whole page and a half in less than an hour!

Sumiyo Penaflor says:

after reading the top comments, I got a little scared… o.o 

ZeidGho says:

Sleep Boosting Music*

Sandra Whiting says:

I love this. I play it with my headphones while I am writing, and can feel myself seeing, , feeling, hearing and even smelling the story playing out
. Even though I created the characters, this has helped me connect to them in a way I never did before….This is amazing. I am so impressed!!

Mark Walter says:

Im feeling it. IM FEELING IT!

roxanne410 says:

I just wanted to say thank you. I am currently trying to tackle different art mediums and this helped a lot. Because of this, I got five ideas for two paintings that I was stuck on for two months. I also has so much inspiration after this. Thank you so much 🙂

FuneralHaztic says:

Near the end i felt weird and happy and i just bursted out laughing for some reason xD

Nektarios Livisianos says:

I love this music. If you do too, you will enjoy Stephan Micus “Towards the Wind”.

Marita Steffe says:

Beautiful music, very relaxing thank you. It feels so good to unwind and get ready for a creative project, I will listen to this next time before I make my vision boards. Vision and Words

dhari1956 says:

Really refreshing music.

Carlos Sanchez says:

Oh yeaah!

DJESeattle says:

Just what I was hoping for. Thank you

wynona baltazar says:

Love this!

kidj07 says:

really cool, good job!

CrackEverythingTeam says:

Very Nice!

henryrudyard says:


GearsHere says:

this is awesome, you need more views

Waqar Mehmood says:

dang yo great, thanks

crackajacksta says:


makemoneymichael says:


Johndoeyoutification says:

awesome you are really good!!!!

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