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NEW! Bach Remedy Style HOE...

each 40 Bach Energy comes down one after the other... The Energy is more obviously doing work... each "flower" energy has its own energy signature.

This new audio attacks negative emotions and negative attitudes with a vengeance.

It can be infused in your water, or you can listen to it...

  1. Option #1: If you already have the HOE long range audio... upgrade for only $15 (Regularly $10)
  2. Option #2: Buy the new audio for $35.

PS: Yesterday I tested out how the Bach Flower Energies work if I download them, one after the other, all 40 of them, into a near silent audio.

I did that and then I tested it on myself... woohoo... strong energies.

Then I tested if they can be infused into water... and yes, they can be.

Then I played them all afternoon and all night.

I experienced strong detox symptoms, like pooped more than I normally poop in a week.

With that said, I now have a new audio product, that is strong enough for the lowest vibration of you...

So what does it do?

It is homeopathic in nature: it mutes your strong negative emotions, and it squeezes the area... or at least that is how it feels... 40 energies in four minutes.

I recommend that you start slow.

Eventually you'll be able to listen to it hours... while you are doing other things.

Emotional Detox...

And as I said yesterday, it is on a special... because it's new.

$15 if you don't have the HOE long range audio, and $5 if you do.

Prices double tomorrow morning at 6 am, when I wake up.

If you miss it, you missed the special.

OK, here is the original email... below.

Don't miss it... It is worth hundreds of bucks. When I set the price I didn't know yet how powerful it is.


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