Reclaim Your Divinity!

Become Whole And Complete, The Way You Were When You Were Born

Experience Love, Joy, Happiness, Appreciation... maybe for the first time

From: Sophie Benshitta Maven

Sophie Benshitta MavenAll children are beautiful. Divine.

They get ugly as they grow up. There is a point for each child where they lose their innocence, where they lose their beauty. Where instead of love, their heart fills with hate, anger, defiance, anguish, or poor-me victimhood. Where instead of knowing that they are "omnipotent" they question their authority, their power, their intelligence, their perfect-ness, and become "not enough", insufficient, worthless; not good enough.

In the Harry Potter books Tom Riddle puts fragments of his soul into horcruxes and the more fragmented he becomes the more evil, the more not-belonging he becomes.

It sounds like a child's tale, but it isn't. It is truer than most of what "spiritual" teachers, or religion teaches you.

You did the same. You hid a fragment of your soul, a fragment of your self at times of extreme duress, extreme anguish.

And you lost your beauty, you lost your innocence, and became just one miserable, pretentious unit of this machine-like humanity.

Today you have an opportunity to reclaim that lost innocence, to reclaim that fragment of your soul and become whole again.

Spontaneous responses from participants on this process

incredible experience
thank you, soooo much
wow, BIG sadness here
Who am I and why should you listen to me?

My name is Sophie Benshitta Maven.

I am an innovator, and I question things that are accepted as unchangeable truths.

I had to question why I was miserable. I had to question most of the teachings that arrived to me throughout the years.

I always look for the "not true" or "not quite true" in everything, so that I can find what is true, what works, what will do what it promises to do.

This is what leads me to question every guru, question every truth, lots of testing and tweaking, and finally to start teaching what I found as valid and true, and effective in the area of self-actualization, in the area of personhood, in the area of spirituality, in the area of becoming a whole and complete human BEING, instead of the human machine society has groomed you to be.

In the years I went through traditional psychotherapy, large group therapy, psycho-dynamics therapy, years of psycho-analysis, shock therapy, est, Landmark Education, subliminals, paraliminals, religion, atheism, hypnosis, self-hypnosis, energy modalities, Quantum Though Shifting®, Theta Healing, Psycho Cybernetics, Remote Viewing, Kabbalah, blah blah blah...

My inclination is to go deep. So I went deep with all of these and more I can't recall.

In this process I found out that I am an empath, a "true" empath, I can feel you. Thanks to that ability I can also connect to Source, which is All-of-It, The "hum" of the Universe, known and unknown, and have developed a working relationship with this Hum.

I know it sounds hokey, and I would doubt it, except that I have enough evidence to fill a room... so it is actually real, though the mind can't wrap itself around it.

My working relationship with the Hum revealed that something has gone really wrong in the development of humanity... and my job is to see if it is reversible, or if the current humanity will be discarded and a new one will be started...

I think this is the significance of 2012 and the Mayan prophecy.

In the process of teaching my students the moves of the machine and techniques to raise their vibration so they can be free and joyful, I have developed techniques that work. One of them is the "main event" I call "Activate Divinity."

I muscle-tested students' vibration before and after, and there was an average 100 point jump in from the process.

You now have an opportunity to get this amazing process yourself.

This process is so fundamental in making any other spiritual and self-actualization work effective, that I am practically giving it away.

Here is what happens in the process: you get a chance to reclaim the lost and denied parts of your soul, the parts you lost in all the incidents that happened in your life where you got angry, miserable, guilty, where you felt unworthy, unloved, or not good enough.

I-Cat3 Broken ornament 2If you imagine a whole and complete human being as a shiny sphere, much like a Christmas Ball, a thin shiny shell, fragile and vulnerable, you are very close to the truth.

In each traumatic incident you lost a fragment of that shiny sphere... and most of you only have tiny chards of the original sphere... and your life experience proves it. You don't know who you are, you don't enjoy life, and you are not turned on, enthusiastic, waking up with excitement in the morning. Quite the opposite.

Most of you were born whole and complete. Some of you have lost big chunks of you while in the womb or in the birth process.

There is no human being alive that was spared and remained whole and complete.

This process applied to each traumatic incident restores you, restores your divinity, restores you whole and complete.

People that participated on the recorded call each paid me $400 to do this process, but you can now get it for next to nothing.

Why? The more people benefit from it the more the work I do can get out there and make a difference. And ultimately this is the only thing I am interested in: to be able to develop more and more effective methods for the "hum" to alter the current state of humanity. heart

The sooner you do it the sooner you'll be free to be yourself, your shining beautiful YOU.

You see, I found 10 fragments of me, and managed to integrate it all back into the whole. If I could do it, you can do it.

Once you are done integrating all the parts, life will become full of sunshine for you.
  • You'll experience, maybe for the first time compassion and love for yourself
  • You'll feel lighter and free-er than you have ever felt
  • You'll have a bounce in your steps and a song in your heart
  • When life comes at you with issues, you'll be able to see the lesson instead of the problem
  • The compassion and love you feel for yourself will spill over and to the people in your life
  • Your relationships will improve
  • You'll have a lot more patience for people
The only problem will be fielding all the compliments you never knew you could get...

oh my, oh my, I'm still shaken (almost an hour has passed).

it was incredible, unearthy - words are insufficient to describe all the sensations/feelings first, i started sweating especially all over my head (but it's completely different sweating it burns/stings somehow), then i spontaneously started to hum the 'silent night'!!! (it came from heaven i never sing that song!!!), and as doing it got goose bumps, tears were jumping out of my eyes and ended sobbing my whole body trembled Love you and Thank you soooo much Matsa Z, Ontario, Canada

This is what you are getting:

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    • This is a brand new course... updated for 2019. All calls are recorded.
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  • You get unlimited access to the first version of the course from 2012
Online Workshop: 4 Modules
Module 1: Learn how you can avert disaster, or get good luck come your way. The luck method. This is a workshop where you learn methods of the magicians. $200.00
Module 2: More magic methods: you'll be amazed how well these work on upsets, disagreements, or feelings of overwhelm or feeling mistreated. We go full tilt boogie in this one, you'll laugh, you'll cry, but you'll love it $200.00
Module 3: Let's find how come you got to be the way you are. There is an incident in every person's life where they went from divine to ordinary, from beautiful to ugly. We'll find that incident and do some voodoo on it, so it will turn you back to divine and beautiful. We'll reclame your lost fragment of divinity, so you can become more whole and more complete.

This is, normally, when you have your diagnostic one-on-one session
Module 4: Let's completely disengage the machine: the break for freedom. In this session we'll do the process on as many fragments as you gathered, so you can re-ignite your fire, your passion for life, and your love for yourself. $200.00
Challenges (homework, exercises) for Each Module $200.00
Video & Audio Training: Available 24 hours a day $200.00
You are getting personal coaching: priceless... Just compare it with 3 months worth of psychologist/psychotherapist appointments $500.00
Total Real World Value Today: $1,700.00


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